December 2016 editionBocuse Magazine

Bocuse Magazine is a journal dedicated to French cuisine and way of life. Sonia Ezgulian, Editor in chief and Art director, surrounded herself with writers (Carole Saturno, Cécile Cau, François Simon, Bénédict Beaugé, Damien Gateau, Nicolas d'Estienne d'Orves) and artists (Jessica Pigeron, Eliane Cheung, Emmanuel Auger, Thomas Baas, Bruno Amsellem, brain°°collages). Carried by the curiosity spirit inherited from Paul Bocuse, the magazine offers its readers to discover a terroir (the Baie de Seine), puts back to the scene old know-hows (dominoes, ancestors of wallpaper, Antoinette Poisson's home and china from the Manufacture de Digoin) and table manners (the history of bier glasses), invites us backstage to the kitchen brigades (those of the Restaurant Marguerite in Lyon), brings us along for a gourmet travel (to Venice, with Laura Zavan) and presents us with wonderful encounters with passionate figures. Some heading names have been thought as echoes to small quotes and creations from Paul Bocuse: "Of bone and fish-bones for cooking leavings", "Kitchen from the market" (in reference to the book published in 1976). We are preparing the second edition of the Bocuse Magazine in November 2017!

INFORMATIONS Title: Bocuse Magazine Pages: 130 Release date: December 2016 2nd edition: Novembre 2017 Mgazines printed: 20 000 copies Price: €25 PRESS CONTACT Phone: 04 37 64 64 66